Penny, the owner of my local Yarn Store (LYS), sometimes posts articles and editorials about the value of an LYS over online and big-box stores. For those of us who frequent our LYS, we get it! But if you buy your yarn and supplies elsewhere, you might think a post like that is just about the bottom line for a business owner. It’s not.

My LYS, the Yarn Asylum, is a gathering of friends, a support group, a Cheers for fiber fanatics (where everyone knows your name). The table in the center of the store always has a chair for you, so bring whatever you are currently working on and chat a while. Or just stop by to chat. Don’t understand a pattern, a term, or a symbol? There’s help there. Don’t know what yarn to use? Walk around and browse, feel, fall in love with the yarn there… and let me be the first to say, I didn’t always believe my knitting was worth ‘the good stuff’, but ‘good yarn’ made my knitting better!

Big-box stores don’t walk around with you and explain things while you pick out tools and yarns for your first project. Big-box stores don’t put together care baskets for our friends going through chemo. Big-box stores don’t say ‘good job!’ and invite you to show off work. Big-box stores don’t feel like that sunday-after-church group of friends my Grandma had where everyone talked through their week, their kids, their handmade projects. Big-box stores don’t understand why you teach your husband to say,” W0W! you made that with one piece of string!” The Yarn Asylum does.

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(Projects shown are constructed from yarns purchased from the Yarn Asylum. The ‘Hannahpotamus’ was made for my daughter at a Yarn Asylum class with Berroco Comfort DK. The ornaments were made using Berroco Maya. The zebra woobie was made from a DMC Top This! kit.)